What I had during Thanksgiving Break

Happy Thanksgiving!!

Although Chinese people don't celebrate Thanksgiving, I enjoyed this break because I am too busy this semester to have enough sleep-which is basically what I did during this break. I did not travel. I went to St.Louis to pick up my boyfriend who came from Berkeley to visit me here in Columbia, and I bought a lot of ingredients from the Chinese supermarket.

We had dinner in St.Louis on Wednesday. The restaurant we went is called Seoul Garden, and it's famous because of its barbecue buffet. They used to have the customers do the barbecue themselves, but since the fire department changed the code, they have to instead cook the barbecue for the customers now. 

Other than the barbecue, they offer unlimited small dishes of appetizers.


I bought some fresh shrimp and cooked them the next day. 


Also tried to cook red wine beef!


Onions, tomatoes, garlics. 


Beef, red wine. Cook them together for 2 hours. 


Add some potatoes and carrots after cooking the beef for 40 minutes. 


And special dessert!!