Going home in a week!

I will be back to Quanzhou, China on December 13. I haven't been home for a year now. I miss my family. I miss my friends. And I miss... food!

As I talked about in my first blog post, food from Quanzhou are very light flavored. Because we enjoy the original flavor of the food, I can sometimes boil vegetables to eat without any sauce.

The food I miss the most is a type of slender noodles that is very soft. It's more like drinking soup than eating noodles. I wanted to embed a video here to show how it's made, but I couldn't find one.

Here I found this: my favorite drink in Quanzhou!! It's everything I could ask for in Summer!

It's honey water plus four well-cooked complements or fruits. I usually order watermelon, red beans, Yuyuan and grass jelly.  Because we get to choose four complements, it's called four fruit soup.

Also, different from other cities in China who cook Zongzi only on Dragon Boat Festival, people in Quanzhou cook Zongzi all the time. It has become a characteristic in Quanzhou. Here is a video about how Quanzhou residents cook Zongzi and how they value traditions.

Starting next week, I will be taking photos of food in China. Hopefully, I will also produce a couple of videos on Quanzhou's culture.