The best cake shop that makes noodles in COMO

Lao Li became the owner of U Knead Sweets a few months ago after the Korean couple has been operating the cake business for about 20 years. Lao Li is from Henan, China, and he has been selling noodles at his house in Columbia, Missouri even before he brought U Knead Sweets.

This week, Lao Li brings in a new kind of noodles called spicy oil noodles to U Knead Sweets for Columbia residents to try. The spicy oil noodles are special because of the boiled oil on the surface of the noodles and flavors.


Here are the details on how to make the spicy oil noodles. It's easy enough for you to cook them at home as long as you have all the flavors, which is not that easy :)

First of all, cook the noodles with boiled water. Put the noodles in a bowl and pour out the water. Some vegetables on the top of the noodles, and add some peanuts on the top of the vegetables.


Add some sesame on the top of the peanuts. 


Add the spicy sauce called Lan Ganma chilli pastegarlic powder and chilli paste.


Sprinkle the soy sauce on the top of the vegetables.


After sprinkling the soy sauce, add some white vinegar.


Add some Wuxiang powder over everything.


Last but not least! Cook some oil(oil only), use a thermograph to test the temperature and make sure it's almost as hot as the boiled water.


Sprinkle the boiled oil on the top of noodles, vegetables and flavors so they will be heated and mixed together to add flavors to the noodles.