Fujian-style pork bone soup

If you Google "Fujian cuisine," the Wikipedia would tell you that Fujian cuisine contains soups, soupy dishes and stews. It would also tell you that there is a saying in Fujian, "it's unacceptable for a meal to not have a soup." Not to say the Wikipedia is always accountable, but it's accurate this time. 

So, I am introducing a soup that I always cook in Columbia in this blog. It's called the pork bone soup. Although Fujian-style soup is slow-cooked, the cooking process is usually not complicated. 


Get the pork bone, the corn and the carrot from Walmart.


First of all, cook the pork bone alone with cold water(so the soup would be clean.)


Clean the cooked pork bones.


Get some red peppercorns. 


Cook the pork bones with hot water this time. Add the red peppercorns and black vinegar.


Add the corn and carrots into the soup.


Cook the soup for 30-40 minutes. And use the time to cook another dish, for example, the fish tofu with the tomatoes and mushroom. 


After 30 minutes, the meal is ready!