Visual Diary 2: Glass Photography

The concept we chose is the rose in Beuty And The Beast. We tied the rose with fish cord rose stands and used pink background.  

In case the bottom light would be too bright and blurred the glass out, we used white cloth to cover it. 

The rose was dark without a front light, so we added a small light to lit it. We loved the shadow of the rose; however, the shadow of the glass was also on the table, so we covered half of the light to avoid front lighting the glass.



Shooting metal is about keeping the background clean and control the light reflection. While shooting glass is different because glass is not only reflecting light but is also previous to light. In terms of showing the glass' edge, keeping the background clean is not enough when the glass is transparent. 

We chose to set four light even (A+B, B+C) while the distance from each light to the subject is different. 

This image does not show the front edge of the glass as clear as the edge on the side because the back light is too strong.  We weren't able to fix it because of the limited time, but a successful glass photo should show the edge perfectly, which is what we aim to do next time. 

(P.S. plastic is combustible. 

I burned the lego house. The poor firefighter did not do anything to help. The house owner came back and found out the roof was gone. Evil Meiying decided to burn the rubber cement again but with foil on the top of the house, and she got a successful fire picture.)