Visual Diary 6: Multiple-flash

Multiple-flash is a skill often used for stopped-action photography (mainly sports) and portrait. My three partners and I brought two strobes to Cosmo Park and tried to shoot skateboard players on Wednesday night. We chose to shoot at night because the limited light is great for practicing multiple-flash.

But the dark situation also caused a problem: my camera does not allow me to auto-focus on my subject because the camera's eyesight is not good enough to find my subject in dark and focus on him. So there comes the first tip, which is taught by one of my partners: you can use your cell phone flash to create light, use auto-focus to focus on the cell phone, and turn on to manual focus. This method is basically asking your partner to guess your subject's position.   

Like this:

Now I have to make sure the distance between my subject's face to my camera is similar to my partner's cell phone to my camera in this photo. I decided to have one of my partners hold a stroke on my right side to light my subject's face, and another partner to hold a backlight to light my subject's hair.

It turns out to be:

I am happy with the hair motion. I also love the backlight showing his left hand. But if I would be more satisfied if I could make it sharper.

I also tried multiple-flash for the portrait. I used a strong backlight to light his hair and a key light to light his face. 

This would be the lighting set-up for my next portrait series, which is about transgender students.