Visual Diary 5: Fill

When you are taking photos at the midday on a sunny day, the hard sunlight may create a harsh shadow on your subject, which is not what you would love to see.  For example:

The subject is ready for you to take the photo. His facial expression has the potential to make a great photo that shows his personality even though the cars and the tree in the background are distracting.

He was blowing the leaves out of the parking lot to make the lot nice and clean, so the photo has to be taken in the parking lot. But there is still a way to make the background clean: get the lower angle to make the sky the background. 

But the biggest problem in this photo is that his face is in the shadow. To avoid the awkwardness, you should use the flash on your hand to bring some light on his face.

Getting the low angle to show his face while he was bending down to blow the leaves is what I did, but I failed to show his action in this photo. I am happy with showing his face clearly, but my goal is to show action in the photo and tell a story. I hope I can accomplish that next time with a flash.