Rock and Roll Librarian 

Videos produced in May 2016.


Sean Witzman is a full-time librarian in Ellis Library at University of Missouri, Columbia and a part-time DJ in community radio station KOPN.

Witzman started his musical journey with playing keyboard in the band named “Cave” but gave up being a full-time musician as he found out he got multiple sclerosis. Being a full-time musician could make him run off health insurance.

“It’s too much stress. I couldn’t figure out how to juggle on the road as being a musician with a condition like this,” Witzman said.

He went back to school and finished a master degree in library science and ended up being a full-time librarian to stay in health insurance. Being a librarian did not prevent Witzman from the enthusiasm of music. Witzman said he wants a job with his passion and love for music and his professional training in libraries.

“What I really want to be is a rock and roll librarian,” Witzman said.