Sign for Identity

 Chandra Singh is a 18-year-old deaf student in Khargone, Madhya Pradesh, India. Singh wants to go to college and become a sports teacher, but he’s not sure which university would accept him and offer him education in sign language.

Dugout Canoe Love

Churchill Clark took a river journey during the Lewis and Clark Bicentennial to honor his fourth-great grandfather William Clark and discovered his connection with nature. Ever since then, he has been chopping trees and making them into canoes.

A Tiny House Dream

A homeless mom had a dream to convert her bus into a house. It’s happening. This video is produced by Meiying Wu and Tessa Paoli. The story is published on the San Francisco Chronicle.

A Craftsman’s Craftsman

Sean George is a construction worker who loves blacksmithing. He started his iron shop Birch Ridge Blacksmith in 2011, and this is his seventh year participating in the Central Missouri Renaissance Festival.

Behind the scenes with a haunted house actress

Ever wonder about the people behind the costumes at haunted houses? Sydney Marsden tells us about how she gets into character for her performances at Fear Fest Haunted House. Fear Fest Haunted House is in its 15th year of terror in 2017, with attractions such as the Hawthorn State Asylum, the Mortuary, Terror in the Woods and Zombie Safari Paintball.