It's cold enough for hot pot!

It's windy. It's cold. The leaves turned red this week- exactly the color of the peppers in a hot pot. 


My family usually has hot pot for our new year dinner because eating hot pot takes a couple of hours, and that is perfect for our family members to talk about what happened this year and the expectation for next year. Especially, when family members who work/go to school in other cities come back to Quanzhou, we need some time to catch up with each other.

So, here's a photo of the hot pot I went to have with my friends last night(It was at Szechuan House.) 


It's two kinds of soup on fire, and it comes with all the raw ingredients we ordered. 


We had Spinach, potato slices, mushrooms, noodles, fish slices, pork and beef. 


And we just put whatever we want to eat into the pot in the order we want them, and we wait for 2-5 minutes. We don't put everything into the pot at once because the art of eating hot pot is to keep everything fresh and hot when we eat them. So we cook them a few minutes before we eat, and while cooking, we just talk and have a great time smelling, expecting the food.