How do Chinese people eat Chicken wings?

I figured out that Chinese people are very into the "healthy trend." The root of our food culture is heavily related to what we believe is good for our body. So as a kid, I was not allowed to drink a lot of coke, and my mom (she was not the one who innovated this dish, a lot of parents in China cook it.) decided to cook me Coke Chicken Wings instead of giving me the coke to drink. 

This weekend, I cooked the Coke Chicken Wings for my friend DJ Pointer, who is an expert on eating chicken. 

So, I seasoned the chicken wings with some soy sauce and gingers for 20 minutes.


And then, heat some oil with red peppers and peppercorns before I put the wings into the pot. After putting the wings and soy sauce into the pot, pull a half bottle of coke into the pot as well.


Cook them together for 20-25 minutes using medium fire. And then switch it to high fire and cook them for 5 minutes. 


The Coke Chicken Wings is done!